Would Charley Consider Keeping Her Father's Farm?

Season 1 Episode 103
Hardly any time has passed since Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel buried their father, Ernest Bordelon, and yet the siblings are having to make life-altering decisions, including settling the fate of their father's sugarcane farm.

One evening, Charley attends a potluck for local farmers at the request of Remy, a young, attractive farmer who had befriended Ernest. Afterward, they have a conversation about Charley's intentions for the future of the Bordelon farm.

"Your daddy started these potlucks, you know? Yeah, he was like a preacher at these things, reminding us all why we were out here and what it really means," Remy says. "He never would have given up on his farm, no matter how hard it got."

Charley dismisses Remy's implied suggestion. "I'm no fool. I know what you're trying to do to me."

"Look, I know with everything that's going on in your life, I understand how tough this decision is," Remy says, leveling with Charley, "but I just hope you all don't sell to Landry."

"You know of another buyer?" Charley says.

"No, that's not what I mean," Remy says, removing his cowboy hat. "I mean, why sell at all?"

"You sound like Ralph Angel," Charley says.

"I mean, you're sitting on a nice piece of land, Mrs. West," Remy replies. "Most black farmers have to lease their land, can only dream of owning something. You have means, so you have choices where most don't."

"Hypothetically speaking," Charley says, beginning to entertain the prospect, "what would it take to get it up and running?"

A tired chuckle escapes Remy's lips. "Money, hard work, prayers, more money and a hell of a lot of luck."

"Well, now you sound like you're talking me out of it," Charley says.

"I probably should," Remy says. "This work is going to test your soul, but..."


"I think your soul can handle it."