Will Charley Forgive Herself?

Season 1 Episode 109
CC | tv-pg
The family may have weathered the hurricane, but what they discover in the storm's wake is much, much worse.

After the storm dies down, Charley, Remy and Ralph Angel check to make sure the crops haven't been ruined. During their walk through the fields, Charley comes upon the corpses of two Mexican immigrant farmhands. In shock, she calls the authorities. Meanwhile, Charley and the rest of the Bordelon clan try to learn more about the deceased men by conducting interviews with fellow farmhands.

The soul-straining ordeal leads Charley to question the premise of running a farm in the first place. Is she guilty of perpetuating a certain kind of slavery? Here, she has a heart-to-heart with Nova, admitting that her concern for the farmhands has been colored by unresolved feelings she has about the callous way she treated her husband's accuser.