The Key Questions Each Queen Sugar Character Faces

Season 1 Episode 106
CC | tv-pg
It's judgment day for Charley's husband. His accuser, Melina, has agreed to settle for $3 million, but there's a catch: She also wants the opportunity to speak directly to Davis.

Charley and Davis agree to meet up with Melina. However, Melina surprises them when she pulls out her phone and plays the recording of a call she had with Davis shortly after she made the accusations.

"Baby, hey, why are you doing this?" Davis asks on the recording.

"Did you tell Felix and Eddie they could do that to me?" Melina's voice replies.

"Do what? You got paid didn't you?"

"They raped me, Davis."

"Come on, come on, Melina. Look, you started out with gang bangs, and now you've got a problem with it? Hey, look, you should have called me first before you opened your mouth."

On the recording, Melina begins crying. Charley, sitting directly across from Melina, listens on in shock. "I thought I meant more to you," Melina says on the recording.

"Hold on, Melina. Melina, look, you know what it is, okay?" Davis' voice says. "I can bang any bitch on the road. You understand? Any bitch. Okay? I pay you to keep your mouth shut. That's what I pay you for. Unless I put something in it, I pay you to keep your mouth shut. I pay you to do shit my wife won't do. You understand? That's it. Now stop coming after me and my family."

Davis hangs up.

Melina, sitting across from Charley and Davis, turns to Davis for acknowledgment. After anxiously fidgeting, he says, "Melina, I'm sorry—"

"I'm sorry too," Charley interjects, standing and locking eyes with Melina. "Truly."

Melina's eyes well up with tears, and Charley grabs her purse and runs out of the room. Davis follows her down the hall, calling her name. Finally, she turns around, her mascara running down her cheeks, and says, "You're a monster, Davis. You turned me into a monster too."

She gets on the elevator. "Don't follow me. Don't call me," she says as the doors close. "We're over."