The Bordelons Discover What the Landrys Are Planning

Season 3 Episode 307
Aired on 07/11/2018 | CC tv-pg
Charley has made it her mission to bring down the Landry family. With the help of her informant, Vicky, Charley learns that they are up to much more than meets the eye. The Bordelons were already aware that the Landrys didn't just want their land; they wanted it back, having once owned it and, in an even darker twist, the Bordelons' ancestors themselves during slavery.

Here, Charley lays out a map for her family, showing the Bordelon farm surrounded by Landry property. Then, she overlays it with secret blueprints that expose the sinister new plans the Landrys have for the entire area: They intend to lease the land to the government for the purposes of building a private jail, and they need the Bordelon property to close the deal.

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