The Beautiful and Complicated Family Dynamics in Queen Sugar

Season 1
CC | tv-pg
Simply put, Queen Sugar a show about family. "This particular family is one that's been estranged," says creator and exectutive producer Ava DuVernay. "At the top of the series they find themselves back together from all of their different places, trying to reconcile with one another who they are now and who they used to be."

While their personal stories and relationships are complicated, the Bordelon siblings must find a way to navigate through their personal struggles in order to help the family's struggling sugarcane farm. As each episode progresses, we see the ebb and flow of their relationships and how deep the bonds of family run.

"We all kind of cluster together in this world in groups of people, and souls out there that are drawn together for some reason and we call each other family," Ava says. "This show explores some of the ways that it's beautiful, some of the ways that it's tough, and really asks us all to hold up a mirror to ourselves and examine what our place is in our own family unit."