Tensions Between Nova and Charley Boil Over

Season 1 Episode 102
CC | tv-pg
Ever since Charley arrived in St. Josephine, Louisiana, there has been tension between her and her siblings, particularly with Nova. Despite sensing that she's not needed, Charley continues trying to help plan her father's funeral. She schedules a catering company for the repast, and when the family spots the company setting up tables and chairs in Aunt Violet's front yard, Nova rushes back inside the house to confront her sister.

"What the hell is that out there?" Nova says.

"It's for the repast," Charley says.

"You're something else, Charley," Nova says. "You know that?"

"Whoa," Charley says, surprised by her sister's severe reaction. "It is just some drinks, tables and linens. I thought it would help."

"Don't nobody need no fancy-ass linen," Nova says.

"Okay, look, I'm paying for it, so what's the matter? Just let the servers handle it. They know what they're doing," Charley says dismissively.

"And you don't know a damn thing about nothing except wasting money," Nova says, her voice rising in frustration and anger. "How long you been gone? Huh? You ain't been gone that long. How come you don't remember how it's done?"

"Oh, and how it's done has to be your way, ain't that right?" Charley fires back. "I've been trying to help, but for some reason, you've been blocking me at every turn."

"We don't honor our father by sitting friends and family outside at fancy tables. We don't honor our father by having strangers serve those grieving. We serve comfort food to those who need comfort, and we do it with our own hands. That's how a family does a repast."

Nova moves to leave, but before she exits, she turns to Charley and hurls a final barb: "And we certainly don't pay our respects with American Express."