Ralph Angel Reveals He Took a Paternity Test

Season 3 Episode 311
Aired on 08/08/2018 | CC tv-pg
With her mother, Darlene, in her corner, Darla takes Ralph Angel to court in hopes of gaining the right to see Blue more often. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel is fighting for full custody. As Darla's attorney lists all the reasons why she is fit as a mother, including Blue openly stating he wants to live with Darla, Ralph Angel is quick to counter.

"Because they just be dangling new stuff in front of him," he says.

Darlene cuts in: "It's because you're not economically stable. You're not what's best for Blue."

As the conversation escalates, Ralph Angel argues that Darla has been in and out of Blue's life while he was working and raising their son. "What else you want from me?" he says in resentful frustration. "I've been there, even after she ripped my heart out. All I want to do is be a daddy to that boy. I mean, tell me: What else I got to prove?"

The conversation then takes a turn when Darlene demands that Ralph Angel take a paternity test. Yet, to her and Darla's surprise, Ralph Angel reveals that he already has—and he isn't Blue's biological father.

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