Ralph Angel Reconnects with a Transgender Man He Once Protected

Season 2 Episode 205
Aired on 07/12/2017 | CC tv-pg
Ralph Angel wants his son, Blue, to be whoever he wants to be. That's why he bristles when people suggest that his son shouldn't play with dolls. Indeed, this devoted father has a long history of open-mindedness.

While searching a dumpster for Blue's favorite doll, which Darla threw away, Ralph Angel is cornered by police who think he might be up to no good. One the officers, Antoine, happens to know Ralph Angel, and the two men hang out behind a convenience store to catch up on recent events as well as reflect on the past.

Antoine is a transgender man. When people knew him as Antoinette, Ralph Angel was one of the few men to defend him from bullies and accept him when he transitioned. Here, Ralph Angel opens up about his love for Blue—no matter what path he might choose—and Antoine expresses his gratitude for Ralph Angel's remarkable compassion toward him.