Ralph Angel Is Haunted by Darla's Past

Season 2 Episode 210
Aired on 10/10/2017 | CC tv-pg
Her birth name is Darla. To her johns, she was known as Star.

In the grips of her addiction, Darla was turning tricks to support a severe drug habit. She's now two years sober and engaged to the love of her life. Whereas she neglected her son, Blue, as a newborn, now she showers him with love and teaches him about the world. However, the darkest times of her life will never be fully erased—and can intrude on the present without a moment's notice.

While the couple fill up at a truck stop, a truck driver recognizes Darla as Star. Darla is deeply embarrassed, claiming she's never met the man. Ralph Angel knows better, and, unable to get the images out of his head, can't let it go. Later that day, he remains lost in his thoughts, haunted by the past.

Here, Darla makes shadow puppets with Blue, trying to remind Ralph Angel that the darkness of their past shouldn't stop them from creating a bright, happy future.

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