Remy Newell's Upcoming "Emotional Hardships"

Season 2
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Last we saw Remy Newell, he had told Charley Bordelon that he couldn't keep seeing her if she didn't move on from her husband, NBA star Davis West. Remy told Charley that she had to commit to one of two paths: staying in her current marriage or pursuing something with him.

In Season 2 of Queen Sugar, Remy helps Charley to realize her vision of opening a sugarcane mill, and we may find out whether Charley wants to get serious, says Dondré Whitfield, the actor who brilliantly portrays Remy on the show. Here, Dondré hints at what's to come for the Bordelon family confidant and friend.

Tune in for the two-night season premiere June 20 and 21.