Nova Reveals to Ralph Angel What She Learned from Prosper

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 07/18/2018 | CC tv-pg
While sitting in their childhood home, Ralph Angel shares his parental aspirations with Nova. He tells her that he wants to fix up the house for Blue after seeing all that Darla has been able to provide for him at her new place.

"Blue don't need all that," Nova says. "He's a kid. He's happy with you."

"For now, yeah," Ralph Angel responds. "Whenever he go live with Darla and see all them new things, I ain't really got a choice."

"Okay, so you plan on not sleeping," Nova replies. "Taking on more seafood shifts when you already got the farm to tend to."

Ralph Angel tells her that their father worked that hard, and he plans on doing the same for Blue. Nova knows their father was strong—but she knows that he struggled too.

"So, you're gonna run yourself into the ground trying to be like Daddy," Nova says.

"Took a lot of strength what he did," Ralph Angel responds.

Nova decides to tell Ralph Angel about the struggles Ernest went through while trying to provide for his children. She reveals that he was close to taking his own life before he was stopped by Prosper.

Ralph Angel can't believe what he's hearing. "That don't make sense, Nova. Not Pop."

"Daddy was so busy trying to hide his pain, do it all himself," she tells her brother. "It damn near broke him, but he survived it."

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