Nova Is Stung by Ralph Angel's Accusation

Season 1 Episode 104
CC | tv-pg
With Charley out of town, Ralph Angel is put in charge of managing his family's 800-acre sugarcane farm. His first order of business is to buy seed cane.

Ralph Angel pulls up in his pickup truck to the seed supplier just as a man is pulling the gate closed. After some cajoling, the man reluctantly opens up. However, after checking his log, the man delivers disappointing news: The Bordelons' parish is sold out. "You've got to order in advance," the man says. Ralph Angel offers to pay double, but the man says there's nothing he can do, and finishes locking up.

As a disappointed and frustrated Ralph Angel scrambles to figure out what to do next, Nova finally reaches him on the phone. "You avoiding my calls now?" she says right off the bat.

"No, I'm just busy, Nova," he says.

"Everybody's busy. Charley's been blowing me up all day about seed cane," she says in annoyance. Then, she lowers her voice, affecting a parental tone. "Did you even buy it?"

Ralph Angel doesn't respond.

"Ra, you didn't, did you? See, this is exactly what I was saying—"

Ralph Angel cuts her off. "What about you, huh? I get it. Charley got a thing in L.A., but you live here. What's your excuse?"

"My excuse is I got a kid picked up on charges in ICU—"

"There's always some kid," he says, cutting her off again. "Some story. Some hood crisis," he says. "You know what's messed up? You care more about them brothers locked up than your own brother. You came to visit me, what, twice while I was inside? How many times you seen this kid?"

"Ra,'s not—" Nova says, struggling to find the words.

"Nah, Nova, you go ahead and do you like you always do," Ralph Angel says. "I got to go."

Ralph Angel hangs up, and all Nova can do is look down at her phone.