Micah's Empowering Rally Speech

Season 3 Episode 313
CC | tv-pg
Following an intense discussion at the parish meeting about plans to build a nearby prison, Micah decides to take action and organizes a rally to protest its construction. With the help of his family, Micah's rally has a big turnout as many community members come out to join the protest.

At the rally, Micah opens up to the community about his life-threatening experience with a police officer when he was pulled over. As he shares what happened, the crowd is shocked, and Charley gets emotional hearing her only son recount the horrific details of what the officer did to him. But, Micah shows courage when he openly calls out the officer who mistreated him and explains how having a prison in St. Josephine would come with grave consequences.

"If we allow this, St. Jo becomes another place that puts hope in cages and continues to systematically destroy the lives of black and brown people. But we can stop that," he says. "I truly believe that we—we are the ones that we've been waiting for."