Kofi Siriboe is known for his powerful and vulnerable presence, he is also gentle and mindful, traits that are rare to find in such young talent. He enters the room with a sense of owning his power both on and off of the camera. Siriboe is a model-turned-actor and one of the many emerging stars lighting up the set of Queen Sugar, where he plays Ralph Angel Bordelon, a complex and deep character.

Of Ghanaian descent, the 27-year-old actor represents a growing influx of diverse characters in media. Intentional work from industry leaders, such as executive producers Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay, who are creating more opportunities for greater representation in TV and film, with authentic stories of people of color from all backgrounds.

The beauty of Siriboe's role is in his passion and heart, which mirrors Ralph Angel's struggles. He shares, "I think he really strives for that higher self. It's something that I hope we all do. I definitely do my best to strive for my highest self in my day-to-day. I really respect that about Ralph Angel, that no matter what happens, he's always still prepared to accept the challenge and move forward. It's admirable. He is definitely strong-willed and resilient." In the series, Ralph Angel was formerly incarcerated and is working hard to defy his past while being a father. His complex and deep character sheds light on an often underrepresented population of men and women who are trying to redeem themselves.

The Los Angeles native shares his spiritual and grounded philosophy, from speaking his truth to working with Queen Sugar's "empowering women," Siriboe holds nothing back.

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