Inside the Episode: The Most Intense Moments from "Your Distant Destiny"

Season 3 Episode 303
CC | tv-pg
In this exclusive clip, showrunner Kat Candler and producing director DeMane Davis look back on Episode 303 of Queen Sugar, "Your Distant Destiny," directed by Lauren Wolkstein. Kat and DeMane praise Lauren's approach toward filming the episode's most intense moments, pointing to Lauren's decision to frame the showdown between Nova and Charley from Micah's point of view and how that "shifted the entire episode."

Kat and DeMane also analyze the final scene where Darla returns and comes face-to-face with Ralph Angel for the first time since her heartbreaking confession. "Such an emotional moment," Kat says. "What's to come? And how is this going to work?"

"It's a super tricky situation," DeMane adds. "I'm excited to see what happens."

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