Inside the Episode: Kat Candler and DeMane Davis on Identity in "Study War No More"

Season 3 Episode 307
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Queen Sugar showrunner Kat Candler and producing director DeMane Davis discuss Episode 307, "Study War No More," which DeMane also directed. In this clip, they talk about Violet's decision to keep her maiden name and remain a Bordelon after marrying Hollywood. "The conversations that are going to be sparked from this are going to be really huge and resonate because this is about tradition," DeMane says. "Do we have to continue it?"

"And I think that goes along with another theme that we can carry on from season to season, which is identity," Kat adds. "I'm excited for something that may seem really simple and may seem really small to broaden those conversations with audiences."

They also discuss the emotional moment where Prosper reveals to Nova that her father went through a dark time when he was contemplating suicide. DeMane was so affected by the scene that she emailed the show's writer, Anthony Sparks, immediately after reading the script for the first time, to thank him. "It's something that is not discussed at all in the black community," DeMane says. "The black community I know, certainly not. Until after it happens. And then after it happens, it's never even mentioned."

Kat and DeMane point to how this conversation with Prosper is a big "turning point" for Nova. "It's also about identity, because [Nova] always thought her father was strong. He was a force; he could handle anything," DeMane says. "And to find out that he got to the point where, you know, he couldn't and he made that consideration, I hope that that inspires people who feel that, you know, maybe they can't handle everything to talk to someone."

Finally, Kat and DeMane talk about the pivotal moment where the Bordelons discover the truth about the Landrys' plans for their land, the timely issue it touches on and how the revelation will affect Charley's evolution has a character.

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