Inside the Episode: The Queen Sugar Season 3 Finale

Season 3 Episode 313
CC | tv-pg
Queen Sugar showrunner Kat Candler and producing director DeMane Davis discuss the season finale, "From on the Pulse of Morning," which was Kat also directed. Kat and DeMane begin their conversation by reflecting on Micah's growth as an activist and highlight the parallels between him and Nova. Kat shares that Micah's story was one of her favorites to watch this season as it relates to many stories about youth activists wanting to make a difference in the world.

Next, Kat and DeMane share their aspirations for viewers of Queen Sugar and the show’s impact on the audience.

"I hope that Queen Sugar—this season, especially—inspires people to talk about their problems and their issues. I hope it inspires women to start businesses. I hope it inspires more women to write their stories. I hope it inspires more young people to stand up for what they believe in and that it allows people to bring their fears into the light so that they are no longer fears," DeMane says.

Kat adds, "I also hope, outside of this story, that the story behind the camera inspires young women, young girls, young artists, to make something that speaks to their heart. That speaks to their truth. To pick up a camera, to pick up a pen, to pick up a laptop and just make something. Because I think we are a reflection of that."