Inside the Episode: Kat Candler and DeMane Davis on "The Horizon Leans Forward"

Season 3 Episode 312
CC | tv-pg
Queen Sugar showrunner Kat Candler and producing director DeMane Davis discuss Episode 312, "The Horizon Leans Forward," which Kat also directed. Kat takes the lead in the conversation as she and DeMane reflect on the journey the Bordelons have been on throughout the season. They point to Charley's struggle against the Landrys and analyze how her master plan to take them down has shifted into a desire to achieve justice for her community.
"Now, it's not about the calculated, the strategic. Now, it's about rallying the people, and it's a journey that she's taken from, you know, this pure revenge and just taking down this family to something that's so much bigger," Kat says. "Now, it's justice for history, it's justice for the family, it's justice for the farmers, and it's so much bigger than her."

Kat and DeMane's conversation turns to Violet's story arc and how the health scare she experienced played a role in her allowing her family to help with her business. "You have Violet, who's gone from fiercely independent, wanting to do it all on her own, into this moment where she's almost forced to accept the help of her family and realize that this is a good thing. This is a beautiful thing," Kat says.

Plus, Kat speaks on the special parenting moment Darla and Ralph Angel share as they teach Blue how to ride a bike together. "I always knew that I wanted such a simple moment for Darla and Ra to experience with their son, for them to finally come together and figure out what it means to co-parent."

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