Inside the Episode: The Emotional Moments from "Here Beside the River"

Season 3 Episode 310
CC | tv-pg
Queen Sugar showrunner Kat Candler and producing director DeMane Davis talk about the powerful scenes in Episode 310, "Here Beside the River," directed by Ayoka Chenzira. Kat and DeMane open their conversation by discussing the intensifying situation between the Bordelons and Darla's family regarding Blue. Kat and DeMane point to the scene where Violet and Darla's mother, Darlene, face off over what's best for their grandchild.

"Just powerhouse performances with these two actresses, and just a really huge moment in this episode," Kat says. "It's real challenging because everyone is trying to do right by this child."

Kat and DeMane continue their conversation by analyzing Hollywood's confession to Violet about his struggle to come to terms with his ex-wife's miscarriage 11 years before. DeMane was especially moved by this moment, saying, "I just think it's really brave to have a man, especially a black man, talk about that loss and how it's affected him and how he's made peace with it and how he still can get sad. He should be allowed, you know, that time to be sad. I think it's really, really important. It's just something that's not spoken of."

Plus, Kat and DeMane touch on the emotional conversation Nova and Remy have about their seemingly forbidden romance and Nova's decision to call it off. "I think Nova needs to be happy in herself," Kat says. "This is a moment in this self-reflection that she's doing to just kind of be on her own and really kind of find herself on her own."

"And it's okay to take something for herself," DeMane adds, "and to really figure out what she wants and what she needs and what's the gift that she'll give to the world."

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