Inside the Episode: Kat Candler and DeMane Davis Discuss "Come, Clad in Peace"

Season 3 Episode 308
CC | tv-pg
Queen Sugar showrunner Kat Candler and producing director DeMane Davis discuss Episode 308, "Come, Clad in Peace", which was also directed by DeMane. Kat and DeMane address the transitions that are happening in the characters' lives and the new challenges they have to overcome, especially for the Bordelons' longtime family friend Prosper Denton, who is losing his home to the Landrys. They remark on how they all come together in a time of need, moving Prosper into Charley's place. "I'm excited about this new makeshift family between Charley and Micah and Prosper," Kat says.

Kat and DeMane also analyze the growing tension between Darla and Ralph Angel as they figure out how to co-parent while still providing the best life they can for Blue. "I think that you're getting to see all of the different aspects of a situation like this," DeMane says. "What it means if someone's late. What it means if someone made a promise to bring your child someplace and didn't. And you bought tickets, or you prepared a room, or you set this kind of thing up, and then that inevitably leads to comparisons."

"The custody of a child was always this journey that they were going to take," Kat adds, "and they're not getting any directions or instructions as to how to do this."

Finally, Kat and DeMane discuss Violet's decision to reveal to her business partner, Jarrett Rawlings, that she has lupus, and they speculate about how it could affect her burgeoning pie business.

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