Is Ralph Angel Coddling Blue?

Season 1 Episode 102
CC | tv-pg
Ralph Angel has decided that his young son, Blue, shouldn't attend his grandfather's funeral. Instead, he'll have Blue's mother, a recovering drug addict, watch him. Ralph Angel hasn't told his family about his plans.

On the day of the funeral, Violet walks into the bathroom where Ralph Angel is cutting Blue's hair. "Glad you finally shaping that boy's hair up," she says. "Going to look real nice for the service."

"But it's for Mom. She's coming today," Blue says. "You think she'll like it?"

Violet stares at Ralph Angel in disappointment and walks out. Ralph Angel, knowing he has to talk to her, tells Blue he'll be right back and finds Violet in the next room.

"You think having that no-account gal watch Blue is better than him coming with us?" Violet asks, the accusation etched into her expression.

"Look, I respect you, and I appreciate everything you do for us, but he's mine, all right?" Ralph Angel says. "I don't want him seeing no coffin, no grave, no death. He'll have enough of that to come."

"Baby, coddlin' him ain't doing him no favors," Violet says. "Ernest always regretted all the coddling he did with you, his only son up on a pedestal. It ain't right. It ain't healthy. You see how it turns out."

Having made her point, Violet moves for the door, but Ralph Angel, cut to the quick, turns and defiantly asks, "Yeah, how's that?"

"Wrestling with the world, a world that ain't got no pedestal for you."