Hollywood's Lasting Gift to Violet

Season 3 Episode 313
Aired on 08/22/2018 | CC tv-pg
Hollywood says he has a surprising gift for Violet, but when Violet uncovers her eyes, she is puzzled to find herself standing in the middle of the High Yellow Diner. "I don't understand. I thought you said you had a gift for me," she says. Then, Violet quickly realizes what her husband-to-be has done for her: He bought her the High Yellow diner for her pie business. Stunned, she replies, "You did not."

"Yes. Yes I did," Hollywood laughs.

After hearing that Jarrett Rawlings proposed a business plan to expand Violet's pie business into commercial properties, Hollywood decided to surprise the love of his life with a gift she simply cannot refuse.

"You wanted this and now it's all yours. Only this time, you ain't got to share with nobody. Not Jarret. Not me," he tells her. "The only name on the deed of this building is yours. All you gotta do is say yes."