Hollywood Fights Off Violet's Ex-Husband

Season 4 Episode 403
Aired on 06/26/2019 | CC tv-pg
Hollywood is livid when he comes home and finds Jimmy Dale there. As Jimmy Dale gets in his face, Hollywood throws a punch and sends Jimmy Dale to the ground. After Violet and Nova manage to pull Hollywood off of him, Jimmy Dale adds one last insult to injury before he limps away.

"I see why you held on to your hate all this time Violet. Cause I took something from you that you ain't never going to get back," Jimmy Dale says. "But I just came here to say I was sorry, but you know what? I ain't sorry at all."
Later on, Nova attempts to explain why she interviewed Jimmy Dale for her book to Hollywood and Violet, but Violet wants nothing to do with her and tells her to leave—for good.

"You have done some things in your day child," Violet pauses. "But this? Your daddy would be ashamed, and your mama? Your mama would do what I'm about to. You need to leave."

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