Davis Tries to Make Things Right

Season 1 Episode 102
CC | tv-pg
Can Davis West persuade his family to believe him?

When video footage of the Gladiators superstar entering a hotel room with a woman flung over his shoulder broke on the internet, Charley was beside herself with rage. Davis, it appears, had lied to her. Now, as she helps plan her father's funeral, she has shut Davis out of her and Micah's life.

Davis won't give up that easy, though. He sneaks behind Charley's back to see Micah. When Charley catches them on a basketball court, she pulls Micah away and gives Davis a tongue-lashing.

"Micah, let's go," Charley says. "So, you go behind my back and, what, arrange to meet Micah?"

"Well, you wouldn't answer any of my calls, my texts. I didn't know where the hell you were," Davis says.

Charley grabs Micah and begins escorting him off the court.

"Wait a minute," Davis says, trying to catch up. "Charley, wait a minute. Wait. Wait." Davis grabs her elbow and Charley spins around.

Davis raises his hands in defense, and a tense moment passes between him and Charley before he finally speaks. "Baby, I'm here for you and Micah. You just lost your father—"

"Don't tell me what I lost," Charley says, cutting him off.

"I loved Ernest," Davis says. "You know that."

"I'm glad he died before knowing what you did," Charley says acridly.

"Charley, I know how it looks," Davis says, "but you have to let me explain."

"You need to leave," Charley says, marching off the court again.

"Wait, not until I pay my respects," Davis says, once again cutting off Charley's exit. "Ernest was my family too."

"No. See, you don't get to say that anymore," Charley says.

"I'm going to stay, and you're going to hear me out," Davis says forcefully.

"All right, come on." Charley grabs Micah again and begins heading toward the other exit.

Davis begins to lose his composure. "Listen, I'm not leaving my boy behind, okay? You understand that? No matter where we stand, we'll do right by Micah," Davis says. "Micah needs me."

Micah, silent up to this point, turns to his father and says, "I don't need you."

Davis, taken by surprise, tries a different tactic. "But I need you, though," he says tenderly before pulling his NBA championship ring out of his pocket and holding it up for his son to see. "This is the proudest day of my life. It's one of the proudest days of your grandpa's life. My first ring. You were just a baby, man, still in diapers, sitting on Ernest's lap, your mom beside you. Son, this ring means nothing to me without you. Nothing without you loving and respecting me.

Charley has heard enough and steps between Micah and Davis. She stares into her husband's eyes and says, "Everything is not about you."