Davis Tries to Console Micah After His Traumatic Jail Experience

Season 2 Episode 201
Aired on 06/20/2017 | CC tv-pg
Micah experienced an upsetting wake-up call in the Season 2 premiere of Queen Sugar. After dropping off his girlfriend, he was set to return to his family's Juneteenth celebration when he was pulled over by a police officer.

Micah, who was driving an expensive sports car that his NBA star father gave him for his birthday, was obeying the laws of the road. When the officer asked Micah for his registration, Micah reached over to the passenger seat—and the officer drew his gun. Micah was then hauled into jail.

Later, Davis uses his star power to spring Micah, and once outside, Davis and Charley argue over his perhaps less-than-dignified, if effective, methods. Here, in this episode clip, Micah and Davis share a tender father-son moment—but does Davis truly comprehend the impact the experience has had on Micah?