Davis Reflects on His Privilege as a Star Athlete

Season 2 Episode 205
Aired on 07/12/2017 | CC tv-pg
Both Davis and Micah have experienced difficult awakenings recently. Micah's ongoing transformation began when he was roughly apprehended by local police without any reasonable justification. Meanwhile, Davis' soul-searching started after a highly public rape scandal doomed his marriage to Charley and risked ruining his relationship with his son.

Over a game of basketball, the West men trade sensitive questions.

"Are you a sex addict?" Micah says bluntly.

Davis lays his soul bare, admitting that his privilege as a star athlete led him to believe he could do anything he wanted. Micah then reveals how powerless he felt during his run-in with the police. In this father-son moment, Davis does his best to mend their bond and provide the guidance he knows his son will need as he becomes fully aware of what it means to be a black man in this society.