Darla's Heartbreaking Thank-You

Season 1 Episode 108
CC | tv-pg
Ralph Angel's ex, Darla, Blue's mother, is struggling to overcome her worst mistakes as she seeks to regain custody of her son and re-earn the trust of the Bordelon family.

Hollywood was there when Darla bottomed out. He found Blue lying on the floor, malnourished—right next to his mother who was in the middle of turning a trick. Darla didn't care about anything but her next score. When Ralph Angel went to jail, Violet assumed custody of Blue, and the child has been under her care ever since.

Now, as everyone is forced into the close quarters of the Bordelon home while waiting out a Category 3 hurricane, Darla, who is 18 months sober, boldly approaches Violet and Hollywood and, fighting back her anguish and shame, expresses her gratitude.