Darla's Confession Brings Her Closer to Charley

Season 2 Episode 210
Aired on 10/10/2017 | CC tv-pg
Charley treats a newly engaged Darla to a fitting at a bridal boutique. When Darla walks out of the fitting room, Charley says she looks beautiful. Darla doubts Charley's sincerity until Charley explains that she was raised by a woman who was brutally honest and set her expectations unreasonably high.

Charley's admission hits home with Darla, and the two have an unexpected moment of vulnerability. Darla says her family doesn't care that she's getting married—they never return her calls—and explains that she, too, has a mother who's impossible to please.

Here, Charley, holding Darla's hand in her own, makes it clear that no matter what happens with her parents, Darla will always have a family in the Bordelons.