Darla Stands Her Ground

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 07/18/2018 | CC
Ever since Darla made her return to St. Josephine Parish, she has stayed true to her commitment to being in Blue's life. Although Darla and Ralph Angel are no longer romantically involved, they are willing to put their problems aside when it comes to their son. While planning how to divide up their parental responsibilities, Darla requests to spend more time with Blue as Ralph Angel's life is getting busier. However, Ralph Angel isn't ready to go that far yet.

"I'm just going to take it slow," he tells her.

"How slow?" Darla asks.

"You can take him on the weekends. The rest of the time, I keep him," Ralph Angel answers. "I feel like Blue needs time to just adjust to all of it."

Darla persists and asks Ralph Angel to let her spend an equal amount of time with Blue, but Ralph Angel grows flustered. "Nah, nah, it's too soon. It's too soon for all that," he says, shaking his head. "What if you lose your job, huh? Got to move again or something."

Despite Darla's reassurance, Ralph Angel is unconvinced and questions whether Darla is capable of providing stability for Blue. Darla quickly reminds Ralph Angel that he is not perfect in that area either, pointing out that Benny wrongfully inviting guests to Ralph Angel's home. What's more, Darla brings up Ralph Angel's romantic involvement with Trinh.

As they continue to bicker, Ralph Angel strikes a nerve in Darla after she tells him that she is tired of having the same argument. "What the hell you know about being tired? Really?" he says condescendingly. "Mommy and daddy paying for all your stuff. New house, with your nice little car out there. 'Cause I'm working two jobs and being a single parent while you out here finding yourself."

"So what if my parents helped me get this place?" Darla asks, standing her ground. "Did you pay for that house you're living in? Or did your daddy give it to you?"

Satisfied that she's cut Ralph Angel deeply, Darla rises and defiantly tosses her notebook on the coffee table between them. "You can let yourself out," she says before turning and walking away.

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