When Will Charley Go Home to See Her Father?

Season 1 Episode 101
CC | tv-pg
Charley doesn't talk to her father very often. Living in Los Angeles, hundreds of miles away from the family farm in Louisiana, she doesn't see him much either. Here, the two talk on the phone, and Charley gets a sense that her daddy may be asking, in his own subtle way, for help.

When the conversation begins, it seems that Ernest is simply checking in with his daughter. "What's the next move?" Ernest asks Charley about the scandal currently rocking her husband's basketball team, in which a woman is alleging that five players, including Charley's husband, raped her. "I know you've got a plan. You always have a plan."

Charley, who manages her husband's public image, has a plan indeed. "Well, the talking points are that private lives of players should remain just that: private," Charley says, "and that they are innocent until this woman proves otherwise. Apparently, she didn't go to the police right away. The guys are all saying they never laid eyes on her."

Charley pauses and rolls her eyes. "Idiots," she says. "If she has even a shred of physical evidence, it's a wrap, and then Davis will just have to start again. Build and break in a whole new team, I just can't..." Charley is at a loss for words, imagining a scenario in which her husband has to start from scratch.

"Anyway, there's a press conference for the owners, coach and Davis tomorrow to properly position the whole thing. We still have a few cards to play."

"Well, seems like...sounds like you're really involved," Ernest says.

"I'm helping a little with strategy," Charley says. "Just a little, you know? They asked."

"I can understand them asking," Ernest says.

Charley catches something in her father's tone and realizes that he needs something. She takes the cell phone off of speaker (her son, Micah, has been listening up to this point) and moves the conversation across the room before continuing.

"I know, Daddy," Charley says. "I have plans to come home soon. I'm going to help you deal with the farm. I am, but things are so up in the air right now. You understand."

"Oh, sure, I just called to make sure you're all okay," Ernest says. "That's what this call is about."

Charley is unconvinced. "I'm going to come soon, and I'll fix everything when I get down there, okay? I promise," she says. "Can I send you anything in the meantime?"

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I'm making due just fine," Ernest says.

"You don't have to make due, Daddy. I can send you what you need."

"No, I just need a little advice. That's all. And time. I could use a little time."

"I'll come soon, and I will give you all my time, okay?" Charley says. "Let me just deal with this, okay?"

"Of course! Of course! Yes."

"Okay, Daddy. I'll talk to you in a bit, okay?"

"Bye, Charley."

"Bye, Daddy."