Charley to Jacob Boudreaux: "The End Is Coming"

Season 2 Episode 216
Aired on 11/15/2017 | CC
The Landry family has tried to make life hell for Charley ever since she moved to St. Josephine Parish to take over her father's sugarcane farm. From sending drones to spy on the crop to spreading lies about the Queen Sugar Mill, dealing with the Landry family's underhandedness is as much a function of farm life for the Bordelons as planting and harvest.

Here, in a last-minute attempt to control Charley's ascent as an agribusiness titan, Jacob Boudreaux, one of Sam Landry's kin, suggests that he and Charley go into business together, leveraging his contacts and her brains to seize control of the southern Louisiana market. Charley doesn't just say no—she tells Jacob that his family's way of business will soon be coming to an end.

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