Charley Takes Nova to Task for Stealing $10,000

Season 1 Episode 107
CC | tv-pg
Nova took a risk when she took $10,000 from Charley to bail Too Sweet out of jail. Now, Charley is mad. She shows up at Nova's house, looking to give her sister a piece of her mind.

As Charley parks and walks up Nova's front steps, Nova is hanging out in the backyard with a woman she slept with the night before. Nova walks around the side of the house and catches Charley knocking on her door.

"Charley? What are you doing here? What's wrong?" Nova says.

"You, Nova, you're wrong," Charley says, charging back down the steps. "You took $10,000 from me without so much as a phone call?"

"Look, I meant to tell you about it," Nova says.

"Yeah, the bank beat you to it," Charley says, placing her hands on her hips.

Nova, staying calm, says, "I'm sorry, but I had to do something to help Too Sweet."

"And after all the shit you gave me whenever I offered to pay for anything at Daddy's funeral," Charley says. "When it serves your interest, you have no problem stealing money from me."

"'Stealing' is a harsh word," Nova says as Charley groans in exasperation. "I borrowed that money. I fully plan on returning it."

"Taking money without permission is the definition of stealing," Charley says.

"However you want to define it, okay?" Nova says, raising her hands toward Charley. "I am apologizing. I should have talked to you about it, but I'm not sorry I did it."

Charley's jaw drops. "What if it had been Micah?" Nova continues, beginning to raise her voice. "You would have put down bail money on him instead of wasting $3 million on a trifling-ass guilty man."

"Don't bring my family into this, and don't count my money," Charley says warningly.

Just then Nova's lover appears from around the side of the house, barefoot and wearing a flowing robe over short shorts and a crop top. "Everything cool?" she says casually before taking a drag off her joint.

Nova folds her arms across her chest. "Yeah, this is my sister."

Charley realizes what the situation is and turns to go, but as she walks away, she stops in front of Nova and says, "And don't ever talk to me about anybody's trifling ass." Charley shoots a withering glare at the woman before storming away.