Charley Fights Davis' Suspension

Season 1 Episode 104
CC | tv-pg
The fallout from the rape allegation made against Charley's husband, NBA superstar Davis West, keeps getting worse. Charley and Davis have just received news that the league has decided to suspend Davis indefinitely. Here, Charley, Davis, the coach of the Gladiators and an NBA representative gather in a conference room to discuss the suspension, a decision that won't fly with Charley.

"An indefinite suspension is a flat-out overreach," Charley says. "This team is nothing without Davis. What are you even talking about here?"

"We're talking about rape," the league representative replies.

"I didn't rape anyone," Davis says forcefully.

"Without the presence of legal counsel, let's be mindful of that word," Charley says pointedly.

The coach and the NBA rep look at one another and sigh wearily. "Believe me, the team is on your side," the rep says. "We simply have to see where the chips fall."

Charley leans forward. "That's not good enough."

The coach excuses himself to go to a meeting. As Charley and Davis leave the building, Davis says, "Thank you for having my back."

Davis goes on to suggest dinner plans as Charley slows to a stop. Deep in thought, a look of concern crosses her face. "I'll see you back at the house," she tells Davis, turning back toward the doors.

Charley tracks down the coach and corners him. "I need to know I have your support," she says. "The team's support."

"Charley, I can't go around the league just for Davis," he says.

"How many times have we gone to the mat for you? Covered for you?"

The coach breaths in deeply and stares into the distance.

"Do I need to remind you, you wouldn't even have your job if it wasn't for Davis and me," Charley says.

The coach levels with her. "The team is trying to create distance," he says. "Davis is an expensive liability, and he's getting old." The team, he says, is already looking into contingency plans, including rebuilding through the draft. Finally, he shows the organization's hand, saying, "We heard rumors of a rape kit. If Davis is's just best to create distance. I'm sorry, Charley."

"We will sue," Charley says without a moment's hesitation. "We will."