Charley Confronts Sam Landry

Season 3 Episode 313
Aired on 08/22/2018 | CC tv-pg
Sam Landry and Charley meet again after the contentious council vote at the parish meeting. Though Charley is a partner with Landry Enterprises, she has been a thorn in the Landry family's side as she continues to carry out her plan to bring the family's empire down. Charley even made a deal with Sam's sister, Frances, to assist her with her own plan to make personnel changes in the family business. Sam is aware of Charley's business dealings with his sister and suggests that Charley does not know the magnitude of what Frances can do and warns her to watch her back.

"You made a deal with a woman who would stab her own brother in his back and watch him bleed out. In God's name, what do you think she's gonna do to you?" he asks her. "The devil you know, Ms. Bordelon. The devil you know."

Charley takes Sam's words in, but they don't shake her. Unintimidated, Charley leans in and responds, "I appreciate the concerns, Sam, but I am not afraid of you or your sister." As Charley stands, she fearlessly looks Sam in his eyes and continues. "I have been a black woman for a hell of a long time,” she says, “so, the devil I know, the devil I don't—it doesn't matter. I'll conquer them all."