Charley Confronts Her Husband's Accuser

Season 1 Episode 105
CC | tv-pg
As the media continues to cover the Davis West rape accusations, Charley and Davis are very eager to put the story to rest. Through their attorney, they reach out to Melina, the sex worker accusing Davis of rape, with a settlement offer.

When Melina turns it down, Charley, against her attorney's wishes and perhaps against her own better judgment, decides to confront Melina in person in an attempt to reason with her.

When Melina enters her house, she's surprised to find Charley waiting for her. "What are you doing here?" Melina says incredulously.

"I'm Charley Bordelon West," Charley says, in a professional, impersonal tone.

"You have no business coming into my home," Melina says, cutting Charley off angrily.

"Don't worry," Charley says evenly. "I respect your privacy. I am not here to expose you. I just want five minutes of your time.

"Does Davis know you're here?" Melina says.

There's a long pause as Charley considers the question. "Look, this could get ugly," Charley says. "Why would you want to take this to trial? Your personal life splashed all over the headlines. Trust me. It's not pleasant. Our initial offer was just that. We didn't mean to insult you. The new figure sets you up with a nice nest egg, even after paying off your mortgage, and no one will ever know your name. Because once you're out there as Davis' accuser, things get more intractable." Charley pauses and realizes Melina might not know what that words means. "You can't take that back."

"I know what intractable means," Melina says, "but how do you unrape someone?"

The women fall into an awkward silence. "Have you ever been raped, Mrs. West?" Melina continues. "But you assume because I'm a sex worker that I'm lying."

"Melina," Charley says, with a new level of intensity, "I don't know what those other players did to you, but my husband is no rapist."

"You know nothing about your own husband," Melina shoots back.

"I know a sex worker and a prostitute are the same thing. You do what you do to get paid," Charley says.

She grabs her purse and pulls out a business card. "So, when you decide your price, call me." With that, Charley sets the card down and walks out the door.