Charley, Ralph Angel and Others Find New Beginnings

Season 1 Episode 111
CC | tv-pg
In the premiere of Queen Sugar, the viewer is introduced to characters who are in the middle of significant turning points in their respective lives. Ralph Angel is just getting out of jail. Charley's husband is embroiled in a rape scandal. Nova is about to publish a controversial story about the New Orleans Police Department pressuring African-Americans into plea deals. Then, of course, Ernest dies, and everyone in the family must deal with the fallout.

Show creator Ava DuVernay explains that in Episode 11, you finally begin to see the characters finding happiness again after a tumultuous few months. Here, she discusses how the episode fits into the larger series.

Additionally, Ava reveals how she met Salli Richardson-Whitfield, the director of the episode, and what it was like for Salli to direct her husband, Dondré Whitfield, in a love scene with Dawn-Lyen Gardner.