The Hard Choices That Make Charley Seem Unlikable

Season 1 Episode 112
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Charley Bordelon West is in the middle of a huge transition. From the glitz of managing her husband's NBA career in Los Angeles to running her late father's farm in Louisiana, Charley's integrity has been put to the test.

In Episode 12, the penultimate episode of the season, viewers finally see some manipulative behavior from Charley that could turn some fans against her. According to show creator Ava DuVernay, we should expect more of that. "None of the characters are ever going to be black-and-white in this show," she says. Real life is always more complicated than that, she points out. Here, Ava opens up about the decision to give Charley so many "hard choices."

Plus, Ava explains why she chose filmmaker Tina Mabry to helm the final two episodes of the show's first season.