Aunt Violet Refuses to Give Ralph Angel Custody

Season 1 Episode 107
CC | tv-pg
Ralph Angel is having a bad week. After intentionally getting laid off from his warehouse job—where he was being pressured to steal in violation of his parole—he wants to focus his attention on tending the family farm and raising his son, Blue. Unfortunately, his parole officer points out, Blue is in Aunt Violet's custody. He would need to have Aunt Violet sign over custody to him if he wants to spend time alone with his son.

At the High Yellow diner, Ralph Angel bumps into Violet and sees an opportunity to ask her. "It's about Blue," Ralph Angel says, clearing his throat. "On paper, you're his legal guardian still. I want you to sign him over to me."

Violet pauses for a moment, looks Ralph Angel in the eyes and says, "No."

"What?" Ralph Angel is shocked by her response. "What do you mean no?"

Violet pulls Ralph Angel away from the High Yellow lunch counter to a more private area. "It ain't been a week since I cleared a bunch of stolen cell phones out that shed. We both know how that could have ended."

"But it didn't," Ralph Angel says forcefully.

"How am I supposed to know there ain't going to be a next time? What would have happened if I hadn't been there for you? What if you had gone back in and I wasn't Blue's guardian?" Violet says. Ralph Angel looks on in silence.

"I tell you what. He would have gone to Darla," she continues. "The courts don't know what we know, that Hollywood found her turning tricks in the shed. Blue: dirty, dehydrated, half-near dead, laying right beside his mama, sweat from the man on top of her dropping down onto that baby."

The look of defiance on Ralph Angel's face gives way to shame and guilt as he listens to his aunt. "No, they don't know that," Violet says. "They don't know, and they won't care. They'll take him from us and give him to her, and I'm telling you right now, Ralph Angel Bordelon, that will only happen over my dead and buried body. I mean that." Giving her nephew one last look of resolve, Violet exits the restaurant.