Published on Jul 25, 2022 12:00 AM

What the Pandemic Clarified for Griffin Matthews

This week, Ashley welcomes Dear White People costar Griffin Matthews to dig into the promises made over the course of their lives. Griffin details his upbringing in the suburbs of Pittsburgh from experiencing racism in his youth to finding community in college and healing from those past hurts at Carnegie Mellon. He discloses how the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on gay marriage empowered him to dream of marriage and how that commitment impacted his relationship with now husband Matt (affectionately known as Butch). Griffin and Butch have since become foster parents to two young boys, and like all new parents, faced a lot of uncertainty. Griffin challenges Ashley to expand her definition of a life promise fulfilled and reveals what the pandemic taught him about dreaming into the future. Griffin's credits also include HBOMax’s The Flight Attendant, Amazon’s ROAR, and the upcoming Marvel series She-Hulk.

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