Published on Jan 29, 2018 12:00 AM

Thomas Moore: A Religion of One's Own

Religious scholar, psychotherapist and former monk Thomas Moore has dedicated his life to exploring the questions at the heart of theology. Thomas' classic 1992 book, "Care of the Soul," redefined spirituality in the modern age, and now he believes we are facing an exhilarating new phase of our spiritual evolution. Thomas and Oprah talk about ways to bring the soul and spirituality back into your life. While discussing his book "A Religion of One's Own," he explains the difference between the part of us that searches for more and the part of us that finds solace in what we have. His broad message resonates with those who see themselves as spiritual but not necessarily religious. Thomas’ latest book is called “Ageless Soul: An Uplifting Meditation on the Art of Growing Older” in which he describes how to live agelessly, embrace our time in life and find the endless joy nestled inside our soul.

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