Published on Mar 21, 2022 12:00 AM

The Black Super Woman

The SonRise Project creator, Kelli Richardson Lawson introduces marriage and family therapist, Carter Drew. He’s a Fortune 100 Senior Executive, former first responder, executive coach, father and husband. Carter grew up on Chicago's South Side and brings an inclusive, dynamic human experience to his clients including individuals, couples and families. In this episode, Carter discusses the concept of the “Black Super Woman,” which he explains as the complex convergence of societal, relational, economic and familial dynamics. He says these factors have pushed black women into a leadership void and a chronic state of stress. Carter discusses several key aspects of the problem. He says the politics and national policies that led to mass incarceration of Black men pushed Black women into the role of sole caregiver. He explains there are solutions, political as well as personal. Carter urges women to practice “healthy selfishness” while building lives based on equality in relationships, support, resilience and restoration.

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