Published on Feb 1, 2023 12:00 AM

Super Soul Special: Wes Moore: Is Your Job Your Life’s Purpose?

Original Air Date: May 20, 2018

Does this sound like you? After years working at the same job, you realize you've just been going through the motions for as long as you can remember. Wes Moore, a war veteran, entrepreneur, Rhodes Scholar and New York Times best-selling author believes we can all discover and pursue our life’s purpose. “If your job no longer brings you joy, there's an important question you need to ask yourself: ‘What is your real work and who will you fight for?’” In his book The Work, Wes, a former combat officer in Afghanistan, a White House Fellow and a Wall Street banker discusses his journey of self-discovery, which led him to walk away from financial success to create a more meaningful life. This interview was taped in 2018, five years before Wes Moore was elected the first Black Governor of Maryland.

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