Published on Mar 28, 2022 12:00 AM

Stressors Facing Men of Color: From Childhood to Manhood

The SonRise Project creator, Kelli Richardson Lawson, introduces veteran speaker Dr. Linda McGhee and her son, Darian. Dr. McGhee is a clinical psychologist specializing in children and young adult psychology. Together she and Darian discuss the multiple stressors facing boys and men of color, including the underlying effects of racism. Dr. McGhee says changes in the educational system are a contributing factor. While the stages of growth, maturation and brain development in children remains relatively constant, societal expectations, problems, and peer pressures have increased. Dr. Linda also outlines all the factors to consider when determining course of treatment for a child. She says, “As parents we don’t need to blame ourselves for the problems our children are having. However, it's the responsibility of parents to discover what makes children thrive, not just survive.”

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