Published on Jun 3, 2020 12:00 AM

Stephen Colbert

Oprah travels to Stephen Colbert's hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. While sipping sweet tea on the piazza of Stephen’s in-laws’ house, a place where he celebrated his wedding and spends Christmas with his family, Oprah discusses what makes Stephen one of the smartest, most creative thinkers in late-night television. The long-time host of Comedy Central's critically acclaimed "The Colbert Report," Stephen reveals the truth behind "truthiness," what went into creating his beloved TV alter ego and what he learned about comedy from Jon Stewart. Stephen, who rarely talks about his private life, shares what he's learned from his mother and opens up about losing his father and two brothers in a tragic plane crash. Oprah also talks to Stephen’s wife, Evelyn, who calls Stephen's TV character an "idiot," but says the real Stephen is one of the funniest, most romantic guys around.

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