Published on Oct 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Raising Boys to Men

In this episode of The SonRise Project, creator Kelli Richardson Lawson introduces Dr. Kendell Jasper, a clinical psychologist, and his brother Kainon Jasper, who together are known as The Doc-N-da-Dude. They bring an honest, common sense, comedic and most importantly real-life clinical approach to addressing young men of color entering adulthood. They share their experience ranging from clinical and sports psychology, marketing, engineering and the authenticity of street psychology. Having grown up in what they describe as a challenged neighborhood, Kendell and Kainon also address issues of racism, oppression and discerning one’s true self versus the assimilated self. They also share ideas on the importance of helping teens navigate peer pressure, social media and the necessity of finding strong role models.

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