Published on Aug 15, 2022 12:00 AM

Raising a Child Who Suffers from Depression

The SonRise Project creator, Kelli Richardson Lawson introduces Beverly Kearney, also known as Coach Bev. Her gift for coaching has inspired individuals and groups to achieve their greatest successes. Recognized as one of the most successful coaches in NCAA history, Bev is honored as a sports legend in several halls of fame. In this episode, Bev coaches SonRise listeners through difficulties in navigating relationships with their children. She says we all have experiences that challenge us. She believes it is through those difficulties that we discover and define who we are. She says our greatest strength is not in being fearless, it’s having the courage to face and examine our fears and move beyond them. Bev shares with SonRise listeners her own fears and the wisdom she gleaned in facing multiple challenges raising her daughter, Imani. Bev says even though she was a positive person, she had a depressed child. Bev’s job is to motivate people, but she couldn’t motivate her child. She saw only how Imani’s struggles reflected on her as a parent. She says once she realized it wasn’t about her and removed herself from the equation, she was able to love and support Imani wherever she was on her journey.

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