Published on Jan 8, 2018 12:00 AM

Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson: A Better You Through Trust and Gratitude

Paul Williams is the songwriting legend behind hits such as Barbra Streisand's Oscar-winning song, "Evergreen," Kermit the Frog's beloved "Rainbow Connection" and the Carpenters classic "We've Only Just Begun." Paul says that, at the height of his fame, an addiction to alcohol and drugs nearly destroyed him. After hitting rock bottom in a harrowing public meltdown, Paul got sober and started a difficult journey to discovering the true happiness he feels today. Together with author, director and screenwriter Tracey Jackson, Paul has written a book, "Gratitude and Trust," outlining six affirmations they say can help people become better versions of themselves. The co-authors claim that the affirmations work for fear-based habits like perfectionism, overeating, fear of intimacy and even smartphone obsession. Paul says, "When getting help was important enough for me to let go of ego and do it, I began to connect. And that connection, that brought me to life."

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