Published on Jun 27, 2022 12:00 AM

Naturi Naughton Never Stopped Believing in Herself

Actress and singer/songwriter Naturi Naughton-Lewis’ greatest trials have become her greatest triumphs. Ashley and Naturi chart her journey from singing in her church to stardom becoming the final member of the platinum-selling girl group 3LW. The two-time NAACP Award winning actress recounts making the difficult decision to leave 3LW at its height and details the decade it took her to get over the pain it caused her.

Naturi explains how she held on to the unwavering belief that her best days were ahead of her. The New Jersey native shares how she emerged out of those trying times as an actress with credits in Hairspray on Broadway, the blockbuster film Notorious and the hit television show Power. Now a newlywed, she opens up about finding love after a season of heartbreak and learning to embrace her light and love herself after years in an industry that she says devalues dark-skinned women. Naturi also gives Ashley the exclusive on her recent heart-to-heart with former 3LW bandmate Adrienne Bailon and how they’re choosing to “lead by example” as they rekindle their friendship as adults.

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