Published on Nov 21, 2022 12:00 AM

Myleik Teele Is So Thankful for the Gift of Perspective

The mother of two and CURLBOX founder underscores how looking at things differently has allowed her to achieve her dreams and approach motherhood with grace and intention. Myleik talks with Ashley about learning to “sit with that discomfort” of rejection and allowing herself to be bold to create opportunities for herself. Myleik stresses the importance of playing the long game and embracing career pivots. She says working gigs that she was overqualified for eventually led to reaching her dream job. When Myleik realized she’d “need to be really intentional” about finding fulfilling work, she launched CURLBOX and never looked back. She opens up about how becoming a mother offered a new perspective on her own upbringing, and allowed her to give her mother, and herself, some necessary grace.

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