Published on Oct 18, 2021 12:00 AM

Inner Fitness and Learning to Live with Loved Ones Who Face Addiction

In this episode, creator Kelli Richardson Lawson introduces Tina Lifford, a critically acclaimed actress, known for her role as Aunt Vi on OWN’s Queen Sugar. Tina is also author of The Little Book of Big Lies and CEO and creator of the Inner Fitness Project. Tina shares her own hard-won wisdom about the importance of maintaining our inner fitness, which often takes a backseat to our physical fitness. She says it's the inner self we must learn to care for - those mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Tina says there are actionable ways we can care for the inner self and feel the benefits almost immediately. When dealing with a family or friend who suffers from addiction, Tina urges listeners to tend to themselves first, so you have the reserves necessary to help others.

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